When a pro laught on my workout

It has been 6 weeks since I started workout and presently I workout 6 days a week. Guess what, I didn’t get pleasingly result 😦 Lately I had a chance to talk with one my boyfriend’s friend who is a fighter. He has been training for a while and I can see from his the big body, he might be have some good workout tips. Ask for what you want – So I just did asked him to give some advise on my workout routines

I told him I workout 6 days a week.. I said briefly, I do Squat, TRX, Lunge, Abs workout and I use machine! He seem didn’t care care to know what I did~ Suddenly he said, What you do is useless! I was like “WHAAAAT!?” Then he asked me, how many kilo you do for Squat? 30 Kilo, it’s really heavy for me, I said. And he just HAHAHAHAHA! He laughed and grinned! I was mad a little bit why he laughed on me!

I actually think, women like me couldn’t lift heavy. It’s going to look so manly

So I told him, ” wait before you give me any advise, you should know that’s I’m beginner and I AM A WOMAN!” actually what I said was an excuse. For a month I got stronger day by day. So there’s no excuse to lift heavier!

When a pro laugh on my workout

After he laughed and make fun of a girl doing squat at 30 Kg. He started telling me that, “You should do squats and lunges Do it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday. On another days of the week you can do whatever you want”. He also told me that, I need to lift heavier. Do Squat and Lunges with heavy weight. He and my boyfriend said, Yeah! do squat it’s good for your ass! big asssss!  phew~ guys. 

But the fact is gluteus maximus or buttlock or ass is the largest muscle in human body. So you’re going to need more energy to build these muscle and that’s going to burn fat fast as well.

So I kind of believe my friend ( boyfriend’s friend) that I should do squat with heavier weight. Not because it’s going to satisfy my boyfriend with my future bigger ass 😛 But what he’s suggest is rely on the truth that more muscle, more metabolism, more fat got burnt!


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