First time for spinning class

Yesterday I did a lot of squats, lunges, and joined core abs class. It was so hard workout. So today I need to get recovered by not work a lot on my legs and core.

I checked time table of Fitness First today, and I decided to joined ‘ Spinning Class’ I was totally unprepared. I stretched and did a few minute TRX suspension exercise just to warm up.

I went into class before time to learn how to adjust the bike. I told you, I was unprepared. I know nothing about Spinning!What I saw in the class today was kind of bike and studio room. The trainer show up a few minutes after me but of course there were another people  entered before me. I asked trainer how to adjust the bike, I didn’t get good suggestion because he did it for me.

Today class was Bike Tour. Well, the Fitness First here has 3 classes which are Bike Intro, Bike Tour and RPM in ordered of difficulty. Honestly, I’m not sure if I point of today spinning class. But what I did today was slowly spin, fastest spin, against resistance and climb hills. I no wonder if spinning class can burn 400 – 600 calories in 40 minutes. Because I was so tired and sweaty after 15 minutes. But with motivation music and trainer, I forgot about tiredness and spin like crazy.

Personally, I like the spinning class because it burn a lot of calories. But what I don’t like is pain on my butt :/ Can you imagine sitting on the bike with normal training short. Damn pain. If I want to join this class more often, I need to get proper short. And I won’t forget to talk about what is proper clothes for spinning class.

If you want to burn fat, spinning class could be one of your choice. Try to get chance to try by yourself.


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