Challeged myself to lift heavier

Hello Saturday! Today is my butt build day πŸ˜‰

I woke up at 11.30 am ( duh! I know it’s late ) I cooked myself pasta and chicken legs. I knew I’m gonna need energy. I did some laundry and washed some dishes. That was all I did today before gym! So I was full of energy. Honestly I did less activities not because I’m going to gym but I was just …. so L-A-Z-Y!

I talked to my boyfriend today who’s now far away from me 😦 On our Skype session today, I asked him what does he think if I’m going to stop working-out and stop doing squat? Will you change if I don’t have a nice looking ass .. oops butt!? ( for one who don’t know, squat is one of workouts to have a nice butt ). Oh yeah I saw he worried! But he said, it’s ok, I’m not gonna change..I like you the way you are .. but..I know you’re not gonna stop. It’s just my tastes and what I like, but it’s ok..are you gonna stop, really? ( Oh yeah!? you’re not gonna change but you hope I will continue workout to have nice butt!? )

It’s normal, most of the guys like nice, firm and round butt on women. Ladies, believe me having fine sexy butt is hot! Every single movement is sexy. You will feel all eyes on you πŸ˜‰ And of course your boyfriend/husband won’t deny it’s not turn him on πŸ˜€ By the way, if that makes you think I’m having damn hot butt..NO! I’m not (yet) I’m working on it πŸ˜‰

Well hope you guys get some point why butt workout is important πŸ˜›

As I declared on the subject, I challenge myself to lift heavier today. I planned to lift 5 Kilo more than last time which was on Thursday? So before I left home I look at myself and my butt in the mirror and said, Sorry my beloved ass.. you may got a lot of pain today. But you will thanks be soon πŸ™‚

At the gym, I went to free weight zone immediately after stretching. Less people at the gym today and more strong men on free weight. I was only one woman there ( as usual ).

On Thursday I did squat at 40 kg included bar and today I told myself to do at 50 Kg and I did it! Yay!! I’m succeed and alive! ^__^ When I do workout I can’t stop telling myself to do one more set. So finally I did 6 Sets of Squats followed by 3 sets of Lunges

So here what I did today
– Squat at 50 Kg 6 x 8 reps
– Lunge at 50 Kg 3 x 8 reps
– Hips abductor at 40 kg 3 x 20, 15, 15 reps
– Leg press at 80 Kg 3 x 12 reps
– TRX TWY ( for biceps/tripceps and back )
– TRX Abs 3 sets ( until tired )
– Abs workout leg raise

Try to rest 1 minute and stretch before start new set.

Challeged myself to lift heavier


What do I think about today is 50 Kg barbell is too heavy for me. But I cannot go lower for Squat and I didn’t keep well position. So it’s gonna be useless for my butt. I’m going to try with 50 kg for a few day if I can go lower I will continue doing it. If not 😦 I will just do Squat at 40 kg. Because I need a nice shape butt not to be a super woman!


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