Hey look! I lose bone’s weight…what!?

My body composition and idea to loss weight fast

Yesterday I was curious about my weight. Yeah I know, I shouldn’t weight 3 times a day. But I promise to myself I won’t keep myself down for more than 1 hour if see something unpleasantly like I gain more fat!

Luckily my fitness club has body composition analyzer. So I can see another changed beside only weight . So here we go..!

May-07-2012 June-02-2012 Changed
Weight (kg) 63.1 62.1 -1
Fat % 31.6 32.3 0.7
FAT Mass (kg) 19.9 20.1 0.2
FFM (kg) 43.2 42 -1.2
Muscle Mass (kg) 40.6 39.5 -1.1
TBW (kg) 29.7 28.4 -1.3
TBW% 47.1 45.7 -1.4
Bone Mass (kg) 2.6 2.5 -0.1
BMR (kcal) 1333 1302 -31
Metabolic Age 32 33 1
Visceral Fat Rating 5 4 -1
BMI 23.2 22.8 -0.4
Ideal body weight (kg) 59.9 59.9 0
Degree of Obesity (%) 5.3 3.7 -1.6

I gain more fat and lose some muscle, but wait! I lose some BONE!?  how can it possible! I laughed as hell when I saw this! Well It’s impossible to lose some bone, I guess. No need to be a pro but I can say this 😀 Well, that means you shouldn’t believe in scale that much! Hey look I lose some kilos of bone! Yay!! LOL

By the way, I’m unhappy with the changed. I lose less wight and loose muscle, I have less water and..yeah loose bone 😛 So I need to re-think about my eating and my workout again. Believe it or not, I’ve heard eat less causes slow weight loss :/ so ..who knows, may be I need to eat more!


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