My cheating day – Less workout and more calories intake

Rule number one when you’re on training session is, sleep early and wake up early! Last night I slept around 3 o’clock in the morning, so it’s difficult for me to wake up early and that keep me tired for whole day.

I again had pasta and chicken  and  a cup of coffee for lunch. Then I drank a glass of orange juice and cracker with nutella 😦 Yeah, Yeah it’s my cheating day and I know I’m gonna cheat more for dinner tonight!  It’s normal to cheat sometiems hahaha! . And you know?, the facts that less intake calories causes slow weight loss. Sigh~ Today I read about eat less and slow fat loss. I will share in ordinary people words soon ( well I mean not doctor or medical terms )

Today I have to see my friends in evening so I didn’t go to gym. I went to swim around 45 minutes. There’s a lot of kids at swimming pool today. I don’t want to be bothered by another so I just left early.

Ice-cream on my cheating day

I haven’t seen my friends for a while. We ate a lot today 😦 Hamburger and fried chicken at Mc Donal’s, Ice-cream, sugary drink, and another Thai food ( I just taste everything ) It’s a real cheating day! I’m back home unhappy today 😦


2 thoughts on “My cheating day – Less workout and more calories intake

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