Knowing steam room’s benefits

Steam room benefitsHave you ever wonder what are the benefit of steam room you can get? I use steam room at least 2 – 3 times a week. But I never know the facts about steam room. Does it help me to loss weight? Does it raise metabolism or burn fat?, Does it help you get better skin?, Does it relieve pain and stressfulness? Does it make you sleep well? Only one thing I already knew.. it’s heat and foggy! So I did a small research and find out some truths about Steam room. Don’t believe what you’re gonna read. Try it yourself and come back to discuss with me 🙂
I’m not always right, people.


What is the steam room?

A steam room is an enclosed space with large amounts of high temperature steam, creating a high humidity environment. This is exactly I said, hot and foggy.

Steam room and weight loss

First thing you need to know about fist, weight is included fat, water, muscle tissue, bone and another organs. The weight you lose after using steam room is not fat but water. There’s another study steam room may help weight loss but it’s from increasing pulse rate in short period. It only heart muscle is working during using steam room. So if you think that’s gonna burn a lot of fat. The fact is pulse rate which increased during using steam room is Circulation which has nothing compare with running or walking on the treadmill, weight lifting or swimming. So steam room could be consider as one of weight loss factor but it does not help that much. If you weight right away after used steam room. You may see you lose weight a little bit. But that is just water. So don’t forget to drink enough water.

Steam room and metabolism

The high temperatures in steam room cause better blood flow and this also raises your heart rate and increase metabolism. But again there’s nothing compare to real exercise.
Tip: Switch to shower cold water and come back to steam room is good for circulation

Steam bath brings Better Skin?

The heat in steam room raise your heart rate and blood flow for tiny capillaries under the skin surface bring glow and healthy skin. You may use some spa product 3 – 5 minutes before you get out of the steam room.

Steam room relieve pain and stressfulness

 Heavy workout can occasionally result in stiffness or soreness. Entering steam room can reduce discomfort and lessen the painful from hard workout. The heat and humidity can reduce muscle pain and make you relax. With less pain and relaxing after steam room surely make you sleep well. I personally feel it works and do it on my weight lifting day.


– Drink more water before and after using steam room.
– Take a hot shower before entering
– Do not exceed 15 to 20 minutes per session and make sure you are totally cool down before start next session


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