Body Combat and TRX on Cardio day

Today is my non-lifting day. I ran from work to the mall opposite to my work place to join the ‘ Body Combat ‘ Class.

I didn’t stretch today ( well I already ran to class 😛 ) and entered class when people already started the session.

Body combat is cardio strength class for me. You can enjoy movement along with fun music. And the movements are position of boxing and fighting. It was my first time, and I was like only one who doesn’t know the right move. But I will be better for sure 🙂

After class finished, I went to relax with a friend and continue with TRX workout. I did squat jump, Bicep, Triceps, Chest, Lunge and Abs. Yeah I did all but it was just for short time of each. I also did lying and leg raise for abs. I did with additional dumbbell to firm my back arm 🙂

Then gave one more tried for Abs Machine ( Total Abs ) at 40 Kg 2 set x 8 reeps

Broccoli and shrimp

And I didn’t skip dinner today, I had broccoli with shrimps. Yummy!



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