Cardio day but I ran only 15 minute

I still have muscle pain from yesterday workout actually. But I’ve commitment that I have to workout today

Today I had meeting and training whole day and finished at 5 pm. I went to the gym had a cup of ( free ) coffee. I feel tired but that was an excuse not to workout!

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I started stretching and went to my TRX area ❤ I did squat jump, squat and side kick, squat row, TWY deltoids raise,  Suspended Pendulum, and Suspended Crunch.

Then I did a little bit more and then I went to treadmill just for 15 minutes. I really hate being on treadmill for long time 😦 And with that 15 minutes I ran at 8 Km/Hr and I burn only 135 calories. If I want to loss weight faster, I need to be more serious about cardio workout. Honestly weight lifting for 20 minutes is more fun than running for 1 hours on treadmill :/

I had 5 minutes rest and I joined Core Abs class, today was teaching by another trainer which a guy. And I really felt my abs burning in the class. It was an hour with painfulness.


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