Weight lifting day plus TRX and Is there any exercise to get bigger boobs?

We’re going to have rainy season in Thailand but rain always come earlier than we expect. Today it was raining when I stepped out from the door going to gym. ( Damn it! ) You can’t imagine how bad traffic is in Bangkok when it’s rain – sigh~But that didn’t stop me from trying to be healthy of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I supposed to be at the gym around 2 pm but I didn’t. Because I woke up late, ate late and another plan has to be postponed. I met my friends and I had hardly moment to response their kind of question, ” I thought we are suppose to be here since 2 hours ago”. I told the truth :/ They are my junior at university so I didn’t feel that bad ๐Ÿ˜›

Sexy Butt Build Day and TRX Suspension training

After stretching, I didn’t warm up by TRX suspension training. Today I just did squat. Yeah it’s my butt build day and Squat is one of the best way for sexy ass..oops! I mean butt.

Here is what I did

  1. Squats :ย  2 x 8 reps fir 50 kg and 4 x 8 reps for 40 kg
  2. Lunges : 3 x 8 for 40 kg.
  3. Hips abductor : 4 x 20 for 40 kg
  4. Leg press : 1 x 12 for 80 kg, 3 x 12 for 90 kg
  5. TRX Squat Jump – which you hold TRX Strap and form your body like you do squat and then jump
  6. TRX Crossing Side Lunge – which similar to lunge but you cross your leg from side to another side
  7. TRX Forwardย  Lunge – just lunge step forward and holding TRX Strap over head, yeah it works for your arms too ( triceps )
  8. TRX Supended Lunge – which is similarly to lunge but you hang one of your leg with trx trip
  9. TRX Single Leg squat – squat form with one leg straight toward ๐Ÿ˜‰ challenge one ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. TRX Sprinter’s Start – form like you’re at beginning of running. It works for Hamstrings
  11. TRX Hamstring curl – Lie down and raise your hamstrings and hips while your feet are hanging with TRX Strap
  12. TRX High Biceps Curl
  13. TRX Tricep Extension
  14. TRX High Rotation – Stand up holding TRX with 45 degrees angle ( or lesser ) to the floor and rotate your body from side to side
  15. TRX Side Plank
  16. TRX Suspended Crunch

Weight lifting day plus TRX and Is there any exercise to get bigger boobs?

TRX Suspension training is advised to do for 30 -45 Seconds.

From my experience talking to trainer

s. Most of them suggest me to do each workout for 30 – 45 second. But for me, I do it again and again till I feel burn! And badly I feel burn before 45 seconds. So I count it as repetitions, actually I feel duration is not much different and counting as reps is better when you don’t have a clock ๐Ÿ™‚ For my TRX session, I try to do 1 to 3ย  set for 8 – 10 reps and rest around 30 sec. But if you’re stronger, 30 – 45 secondsย  and you can turn it to be HIIT trainingby

adding more sets for example 5 set x 30 seconds ( or count as reps does not matter ) and rest for 30 sec. And for HIIT training you may cut a few workout if it’s going to be hard for you. Maybe only 4 – 5 TRX workout a day with more sets/reps

So That what I did yesterday. Seem a lot but I didn’t loss much weight within a week. Because most of my workouts are for strength and muscle building.

Any exercise to get bigger boobs?

At beginning of my gym today I met my friends and a girl was taking rest after Chest press and she asked me question, which kind of workout gives her bigger boobs? I told her the same what my boyfriend said to me. “Boobs Surgery Workout”. I was wondering about this too. I had many questions about boobs such as, bigger boobs exercise, prevent losing boobs size and such another similar. What I got the answer from Dr.Google was saying about boob surgery above or under muscle. Hmm thanks!

So ladies, workout very hard may reduce your boob size but It’s not going to be that bad. I think if you’re not going to loss all fat in your body your flesh boobs would be remain and from my research and accidentally found the comment of a guy said that “Size is does not matter as long as is real flesh” Is that make you feel better, ladies? – Oh yeah I have a question to my boy friend today ๐Ÿ˜›

By the way, another girl asked me about “How can I reduce my arms size quickly?” I looked at her and touched my arms and said, “Alright! you’ve trusted in me!” You know what? My arms’ size are not much different than her :/So what I told those two girls was just get it firm! There are exercise to get firming chest and arms. And boobs surgery for bigger boobs of course.

Hope you guys are not giving up for being healthy because of boob’s size reducing ๐Ÿ˜€

Keep fighting ๐Ÿ˜‰



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