TRX – Crossing Side Lunge

Photos are original from TRX training DVD of Fitness Anywhere and I captured from the DVD is just for Knowledge Sharing purpose.

Crossing Side Lunge

Photo captured from TRX Training DVD of Fitness Anywhere

Crossing Side Lunge

This workout is good for warming up. Holding TRX suspension as double handle. Start position is Bending your knee down and keep your back straight to avoiding lower back injury. Then cross your leg to another side. Do this for at least 10 repetitions and you can do any set as you want it depends on how intense workout you want to do.

Tips :

  • Try to go lower and rotate your hips as much as you can.
  • Lock your back straight to avoid injury
  • You should feel muscle burn more on you legs and less your arms.
  • Don’t try to pull up with TRX Strap but use your legs
  • Start from slowly and turn to be rapidly in last 4-5 reps

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