Try something new and two things I’ve tried

Today I listened to TED TALK : Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days. What I felt after listening is, we should try to do something new every day, or once in a while, to have new life style or new adventure. I’m glad I’m doing it. I have tired to do some interesting things more than before. I’ve never been think about going to gym or eat healthier until March, 2012. And I feel great about it. I may haven’t known the meaning of BMI or what’s each word on body composition. Believe it or not, when I started some new activities I’ve got new ideas everyday. And I know, it could turn to be something which can change my life.

Let me share you about something that I’ve tried on my fitness passion

I Changed Mindset About Eating

It’s not easy when you see a piece of cake at your favorite bakery shop and you have to walk away. Cake or cookie or some another bakery contains high calories and fat. Think about taking 100 grams of healthy food and 100 grams of cake. You will get needed nutrients from heath food as a gift and you will get fat, cholesterol, over dose sugar as a gift as well. Make your choice.

Change your mind about eating

Photo : Flickr – Einahpets32 (Stephanie)

I’m not saying not to eat cake, cookies, ice-cream or sugary stuff at all. I always have my cheating day which I can have something unhealthy. But I try to avoid unhealthy food as much as I can ( stand ) 😛

Well this is what I did to my yummy cake one day. I looked inside bakery shop and saw a piece of cake. Hmmm I smelled delicious! I looked at it and price tag and said to a (must be) delicious cake: Wow!! you look so Yummy! I really want to eat you. But the benefit I could get from you is only delicious!? and fat ..of course! With this price I can get a good meal of Thai food and of course, it’s healthier! Sorry dear.. I have to walk away.. 

I saw a sad face of that cake and me..?? walked away whispering~ I win myself!

Be healthy is a gift and you could make yourself that wonderful gift though.

I have my new activities

I started workout and I love to do it. I usually feel depressed at home doing nothing. So I try to go to gym everyday, seeing people workingout and do some activities is encourage me to workout. First a few day at the gym, I was so afraid to start workout. I was there alone, I don’t know what to start, I don’t know if I’m going to do it right. But after I decided to let my worries down.. I feel wonderful. Yeah I can do it!

photo :

If you’re not passion in workout and fitness. But you have worried about start doing something. Imagine yourself what will you feel after you’ve done it. And believe me you can do it! I crossed over fear and I feel great so you will.

Well two things above is what I’ve tried and I found out it gives me great feeling about myself and my life. I’m kind of happier 😀 and I hope you will.


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