Weight lifting day and Body Combat

It was raining again when I was walking to the gym today. Luckily my work place is opposite to the gym. The gym is in a big new opened shopping mall, Ooooh yeah shopping everyday! ( not really:/) but i like to go there to do window shopping for new items like cosmetics and also sport clothes from Nike, Adidas, and even another local brands….hmm it has been a few week I haven’t done that..

At the gym, I meant to lift weight and go home. But my friend and the trainer I knew asked me to join Body Combat class. Not that I’ve never joined. But I don’t like to attend kind of fitness dancing class. But body Combat is really different.It’s mixed of fighting and martial art dancing. It’s not girly dance. Actually I feel manly when I join the class lol. But it’s fun. Try once if you have chance and don’t forget to tell me how do you feel about that 🙂

So after I finished Body Combat class. I went to free weight..of course I was tired but I also have to be on track! I did Squat 3×8 for 40kg and 2 x 8 for 50 kg. Strangeeeeeee~ I don’t feel much pain. Am I stronger than before or I did something wrong? Could it still be wrong form? After many weeks doing it? I don’t think so. But I would find out.

After 5 sets of Squat, I did Lunge 3×8 for 40 kg strangeeee~ I felt muscle burn maybe because I did it rapidly. So I think speed of lifting is also matter?

By the way, I warmed up with TRX Side Crossing Lunge, Forward Lunge and Single leg Squat.

So that was my today workout. I came back home has a small amount of pasta with kind of Thai source. I didn’t have any photo of that because..I was so starving!

I should eat a bit lesser. 😦


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