6 Gym Rules – Don’t let people be pissed on you

One day when I was newbie and running on boring treadmill. I saw a man picked up cleaning stuff and cleaned the treadmill after he finished fat burning process. I was impressed and thought that, how many people here do this. Do they know it’s their responsibilities at the gym.

Here’s the common rules which you have to follows at every gyms.

photo from Source: cleanmycellphone.com

1. Wipe  down the gym equipment or machine after used.

Think about yourself step on the treadmill which has other’s sweat on the handle and everywhere, will you feel good? If the gym does not provide cleaning stuff like spray or cleaning towel. You can bring used small towel and clean up your fat tear.

2. Return all weights to their proper place

I had this kind of experience once; probably when I was newbie. I wanted to do use Smith Machine to Squat and the bar carrying barbell weighted around 80 kg. I tried to move and adjust for my workout but it’s too heavy for me to moved them and I had to ask somebody to help. So when I said return all weight is not only keep in on their rack, but also remove the weight and adjust the machine back to the first position. And the next person will thanks to you 🙂

3. Don’t be afraid to ask question.

If you’re not sure how is that machine work, how to use it in the proper way. Ask someone! It’s normal to ask question or help at the gym. Whether you’re newbie or you’ve been there for long time. You may not know everything especially about how to use machine or workout correctly. Being afraid or pretending like you know may cause injury in case that you workout incorrectly way.

4. Rent a locker and take care of your belonging stuff.

I’m a member of Fitness First which provided a free temporary locker which big enough to keep my stuff in there. But if you ain’t got it for free, rent it! Keep your bag and your belonging stuff in the locker. And if you have to bring something like water bottle, cell phone or iPad with you make sure you keep it out of other’s way. To avoid other tap over or kick them.

5. No phone, No texting, No facebook! No rest on Machine

It’s not proper talking on the phone on the area that people workout. Or sitting on the machine and texting or talking on the phone with your sweetheart! People are waiting for their turn! Be responsible to other’s right. They are there to workout and what they’re going to feel seeing you texting on the machine when they are waiting. It’s not good for your image, it’s not proper to do that. If you really need to take the call or want to share your new photos on facebook, go to free chat zone. Also if you know you need to take long rest between set, don’t sit on the machine. It’s not awesome while you’re resting texting your friends and wait for next set. Get out from the machine so others can benefit when you’re resting. I got pissed once about this and I wanted to ask the guy, you know where is free chat zone it, GO THERE!  But don’t do this and be nice to people is advised 😛

6. Refrain from yelling or making noise!

Hey ladies and gents who lift weight, I know you need to control your breath but please don’t make so loud and strange sound. At my gym, I heard sound like someone having orgasm!. It does not make you look hot or professional. You look so funny dude! I know, sometime is uncontrollable but please try to reduce it and remind yourself you’re in public. Try not to disturb others.


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