8 TRX Suspenstion Workouts with an hour of Core Abs class

Today I did kind of intensely training on TRX. Meaning I did more and more than another days.

TRX Suspension Training – Crossing Side Lunge 3 x 10 reps

Today’s comment : For me it;s not easy to keep form. You know crossing legs and rotate hip and raise body back to start position. It’s not easy to keep form after half set, I mean within 5 reps your may forget the form and enjoy twisting and rotate ( happened to me today 😛 ). But it would be excellent if you try to keep the right form.

TRX Suspension Training – Forward Lunge 2 x 20 for each legs

Today’s comment : I love this! If you also want to workout for your arms. You could do triceps workout in the same time. But for me I tried to save my arms energy for real Bicep/Triceps workout. TRX is real flexible and applicable you may enjoy it with various exercise.

TRX Suspension Training – Suspended Lunge 3 x 15 for each legs

Today’s comment : Another workout I really love. It’s so intense and you need to control your balance. Believe me after first set, balancing is challenged! And a trainer who passed by me said, ” come on do a jump!” I was like what!? No way. I was so burn. And again Try to keep balance and go lower.

TRX Suspension Training – Single Leg Squat 2 x 10 for each Legs

Today’s comment :  Oh yeah another challenged one. This workout has describe as challenged one. To be honest today I did with cheating 😛

TRX Suspension Training – Sprinter Start 2 X 20

Today’s comment : It’s seem like nothing work! But after first set, you will realize where’s burning.

TRX Suspension Training – Hamstring Curl 2 x 10

Today’s comment : It’s not easy to do this after I’ve done a lot of leg work. But I did it and proud of me 🙂

TRX Suspension Training – Bicep Curl 2 x 10

Today’s comment : I get stronger on my Biceps Yay!

TRX Suspension Training – Tricep Extension 2 x 20

Today’s comment :  May be I did incorrectly today. Because I didn’t feel so much pain even with 20 reps. And NO! I’m not that string yet!

I also joined CORE ABS CLASS for an hour ( which next time I will count on total movements 😉 )

And today I got free stuff!! Nestle Fitness for 5 boxes. There’s an event like healthy day for IT Dept at my company. So I joined the event of course and I got it – check it out on facebook

Ps. I promise to post the steps of all my TRX workout when I have time. So subscribe today, I won’t let you down.


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