Goal setting – Only one cup of sugar free coffee

I came home earlier than regular day because I didn’t workout today. It’s not my rest day, I’m just on woman’s day. But it’s good, I had more free time to read and do stuff. And at one point I got to know a simplest website that let you track your real life achievements. Just right timing, I have a real life goal and I know I should Just do it now! I will start setting and tracking my goal now!

Let me tell you a little bit of my background. I’m a coffee lover. I used to spent a lot of money on coffee in each month. Until last a few months I decided to stop buying ice cappuccino in every morning and buy coffee powder and make me coffee myself instead. It’s healthier and cheaper. But one bad of my bad habits is, I can’t stop myself from putting a lot of sugar into my coffee cup( or even food ). Since I decided to live healthier, I started workout, eat healthier. I think, I should quite sugar or at least reduce it. So the first goal of mine would be “ Only one cup of coffee and make it sugar free ” I even have it stick on my wall over my desk. I will do it from 20 – 30 June, not bad for starter huh? And then I just set the goal at Achievrs.com, I just registered and make a goal. The site is so simple but it’s so functional.

Life couldn’t be achieve without goal. Goal setting is the first start of everything. Even living, work, party or diet. When you throw a party, you will need to think about what kind of fun do you want guests to enjoy. Then you’ll prepare the events or activities to reach your goal and make people have fun. Also the diet, If you want to lose weight. You will need to think about what should you do to reach your goal. Quite Soda, eat less sugar, no more fast food or more exercise for example. For me setting goal is also motivating. I like to win myself and my need and feel great when I succeed. So start now, set your goal at reach it!

This photo has been taken around 2 months ago when I was at Black Canyon with my hottie. I got Cappuccino frappe with extra cream and more syrup and he got Black coffee ( =_=’ ) He’s healthier! But from now forward I will have Black Coffee just like him. At least for 10 days 😀

Ps. You can share your fitness goal with me 🙂

Just do it!



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