Don’t complain about being FAT and do something for it

One of my friends always says “I know I’m fat, But I’m happy and surrounding by people who I loved and they loved me“. Right! I’m the one who also love her and wish her take care about her health. She is 158 cm and weight around 70-something kilo. She describes as overweight.

I’m not really in shape, I’m not skinny, I’m not perfectly healthy but at least I’m trying to be.

No more excuses please!

I told my overweight friend that, exercising is not telling people that you’re fat. But tell them you’re taking care or yourself. And start now, start when you’re still able to exercise. And again I got the answer from her that, I don’t have time, I’m so tired after work, My work is different from yours, I can’t! Bla Bla Bla~ and of course that are excuses! Basically, I like to inspire people but when people gave up since they’ve never tried it’s such a bad feeling and unworthy to try.

Change your mindset and stop wasting money for any pills

I tried again to give her an idea. Can you try to eat lesser than regularly? I think you eat more than you need. And again, ” I can’t!, I crave for food all the time. I work a lot and I need to eat ” Phew~ Believe me, before we try to change anything. We need to changed out mindset. Stop saying I CANNOT and saying I’LL TRY instead. Before we say good bye in late evening that day, she asked me what supplements or pills she should take to lose her weight. I told her good food with proper amount and doses of exercise! I knew she was so mad at me that day. But I hope she will try to believe me one day.

I’ve tried supplements earlier years when I was in university and it works temporary. One type of pills I’ve tried. It’s just stop feeling of craving food and force my brain not to feel hungry. So one day I had the idea that, I think, I don’t need pills to force myself. I think I can just let my mind control my brain and stop eating all the time and stop junk food. ( At that time I tried to stop soda. It works but I didn’t so serious so I crave again lol ) I stopped doing it at some point. But at least I’ve proved to myself that I don’t need any pills and just change my mind and threw all dangerous pills. By the way, Soda is the best thing you should stop! water is best for your body. And you will see some change very fast if you stop drinking soda.

We can be better, have you tried yet?

I also told my friend to loss weight many time ( even when I was not into exercise and being healthy ). I believe she’s happy with her body and that good self esteem. But if we can have better shape which brings more confident or healthier which make us happier. If we can be better, why don’t we try to do something?  We can still surrounded by people we loved and even happier. It’s worth to try.


Don’t complain unless you’ve tried

I really love this quote! Don’t complain about fat if you’re not going to do anything about it. This is not about FAT but i can use for EVERYTHING! You can’t complain about things in your life which frustrated you if you’ve never tried to do something to change it or you’re not going to try anything for it.You will never know the what will it be if you’ve never tried. You will never know how to apply those methodologies out there if you’ve never done any with yourself. Just do it do, let try to do something.

Keep trying and waiting for pleasant out come

Presently, I keep workout at least 5 days a week. Do I lose a lot of fat? No, not yet. But at least I’m working on it! And I’m not crying in front of the mirror when I can’t decide which outfit gonna make me look slimmer. I don’t even care. I have more self-respect and I believe when I do some thing to get better body. My body will return result one day 🙂

Don’t cry if you don’t see progress on your workout

Once I felt so down after I workout for weeks and I don’t see any change on my scale. I don’t lose weight, I don’t gain muscle, everything is just the same since I’ve started. I almost gave up and my boyfriend bring me back. He asked me questions like,

Do you like to workout?  – Yes, I do. I’m happy and feel great at the gym. I enjoy my sweat and endorphin. Do you noticed your life style is changed? – Yes, I changed from being stuck  in front of TV or computer I go to workout. And yeah I met friends and have more social life. Do you think you’re stronger? – I don’t know, maybe :/ Can you go do squat with body weight right now? I’m sure you can do 30 times without feeling burn. I remember you cried at 10 times when you first tried it.

That’s the point. If you’re happier, you live healthier, you’re stronger that’s long term commitment. It’s better than a few pounds lost and you stop being healthy. Keep trying and you will surely stronger and probably lose weight one day. Don’t focus on the scale. And he also told me that,

Scale is just plastic with stupid number on it. Don’t let it make you down. Keep trying result will come.

Just do it

I hope you will have the ideas or inspire yourself somehow. Stop looking for excuses and go workout now! Just do it.


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