Just do it even if you suck ( and Tida is back )

Hey, I don’t know if I still have followers after I disappeared for a week. I still go to gym almost everyday. But with several reasons made me don’t wanna update my blog.

At work, I’m so busy right now. I already quite my job actually. But my manager asked me to stay one more month to help this project. I’m currently a Software Tester, it’s not a bad job but I have another passion in my life and wanna learn to be on my own. Well because I’m gonna leave so I have to finish all assigned work. That keeps me so tired during day :/

At gym, I felt upset that I didn’t see any change on scale earlier. So I was so down and don’t wanna upload my workout tracking anymore. But then when I weight again last time, I gain a little bit of muscle and I lose a little bit fat 🙂 Well I still eat normally and don’t take any protein, this gain and lose is reasonable. I really need to stop worry about scale! So yes, I feel bad about my workout again. And I tried to do dumbbell bench press and bicep curl on my weight training day though 🙂 I can’t keep perfect form but at least I started getting better.

At my living, it has been almost 3 months that my boyfriend and I being apart. It’s tough spending time without each other. So we Skype and share our days stories longer time in everyday. When we finished Skype session. It’s already my sleeping time and I’m to tired to write my blog :p

But everything is getting to track soon. Also I will be on seriously diet and of course I’m gonna share it with you guys 😀 In between, hope people are working out and be fit!

Let me motivate you with this quote, unknown source. Earlier in last week, I felt so bad about my body composition. I talked to myself, What am I doing wrong? I ate too much? I didn’t workout enough? Whaaat? Am I lifting weight in the wrong way? Did I do squat right? I was so pissed. I almost gave up my day workout and go home. But I heard my silently voice in my head. ” It doesn’t matter you’re doing right or wrong way. But if you workout, you will always get benefits return, you get stronger, you’re happier, and number on scale is just a bonus “ Can you think the same way with me? tell people about this and cheer them up. Be healthy is more important than being skinny 🙂



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