Hey guys! Why do you have so chicken legs?

I’m sorry for the reader who’s guy if this article makes you unhappy. I didn’t mean to be insulted or any negative. I just wish you work out your legs.

If you don’t like this post, give me response. But …Don’t tell me back to kitchen where I belong. Because I’m going to tell you to do squat which you deserved!

It was been a while I didn’t update my blog. But I went to gym regularly and still enjoy workout. And same as before, I still spend most of my time on free weight area. And seem like I’m only girl workout on that area. Lately I was taking rest after doing Squat. I sat down back bent, my arms rested on my legs and my head down. When I raised my head up. I saw a guy tried to do chin up in front of me. The first thought in my head was Wow! he’s handsome!

A hot guy at gym

Seeing hot guys on free weight is my bonus of weight lifting 🙂 To be honest, the guy who was in front of me made me forgot my sweet boyfriend for 5 seconds. I looked at him from head to toe. He’s handsome type. A Asian guy with dark hair and nice smile  who has nice shoulders, muscular arms with awesome tattoo, very flat and six pack abs, but wait…where’s his butt? does he has butt? why it’s so flat? and is that legs? Why are they so thin and bony ? I looked back on his top and compare his very sexy arms and his skinny legs. Nah! he’s not handsome anymore 😦

Ain’t it funny?

What’s the reasons why guys don’t work out their legs?!

I just don’t understand why most of the guys don’t workout for their legs? Can any guys give me the answers? Why you don’t want to workout your legs? Do you forgot your legs? lol I looked at big guy with skinny legs and had funny thought like, if I push him he would just fell down. And I tried to think about this and I got a few 7 possible answers of why guys don’t work out their legs as following.

  • Upper body is easier and more naturally to work out.
  • We only look at legs on the woman with short skirt not on guys
  • Walking to work in the next day being sore is not fun.
  • Lack of space, smith machine always reserved by upper body workout
  • Getting strong legs takes a lot of work ( so why don’t you start now! )
  • You’re afraid to look funny if you do squat or dead lift?
  • No motivations
  • Super hero ideally has bigger upper body and small legs. So guy believe in it? Possible ?

Please work out your legs

We women wanna see guy has hot butt and nice thighs.  I’m a straight woman who turn on hot butt and legs on guys. And I think most of women don’t think guys who has big crab arms and chicken legs is hot. Don’t be afraid to look funny, just do it and continue doing it. It’s gonna take time but you gonna be some changes 🙂 It’s gonna be sore in the next day but pain is weakness leaving the body. Start do work out you legs and butt today. You can thanks me later when you succeed building strong and sexy leg&butt


Squat is a must workout for legs and butt you need to do to get away from chicken legs. And Dead-lift and Leg Press  is also another choices. Choose one and do it today! Just do it!




One thought on “Hey guys! Why do you have so chicken legs?

  1. It makes my muscular upper body look bigger. No seriously… Yeah, it is hard work and less rewarding. No chick seems to care that much about a guys legs, and no one sees thighs in long knee length shorts. My butt is still solid and tight from other forum of exercise.
    Is is embarrassing when a Asian girl with skinny arms (but hot muscular legs) add weights to the leg press when I am done.

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