Scale is forbidden! And weight once a month

Today is gonna be my diary šŸ™‚ Don’t expect anything from this post šŸ˜›

Yesterday I was upset about my weight again! I asked myself and my boyfriend with the same questions from last time.

” What did I do wrong? ”

“Did I eat too much? ”

” Should I workout longer hour?”

” Should I lift heavier? ”

” Should I take whey protein?”

And my boyfriend response with ” You’re all right, can forbid you not to use scale anymore!? Just for your safe “

He just don’t want me to worry for nothing. I knew! But … hmm šŸ˜¦ I think most of woman who’sĀ  trying to lose weigh facing the same problem with me. ” Even one pound is happiness

But if you avoid weighting yourself everyday or take longer time until next weight you will see more change and more proud. So I believed my boyfriend and not to weight again until next month. Yeah I’m gonna wight once a month.

And Today I got motivation from people around me. They said I look like I lost some weights. And one of them she hasn’t seen me for months, so I believe when she said I look better, slimmer than before. Ooouh yeah! ^__^

Well, I didn’t lost a lot of weight, it’s just around 3 – 4 kg in 3 months but I get stronger, more muscle toning …. I feel so nice šŸ™‚

If your goal is building more muscle and lose some fat ( like 5 – 10 kg ) but still enjoy eating and lift heavy then we should b diet partner šŸ™‚


I lift heavier than any girl in the gym ( I’m not talking about who’s trainer! )

Yeah! I need to lift heavier because I eat a lot for entire day lol!

Ps. I should update my workout track everyday! Hmmm! Don’t be lazy to take a note, Tida!



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