Grapes are my favorite diet fruit

I just realized myself that I had more fibers these days. I eat more chicken and add more vegetable in every meals. And I tried to buy more fruit keep inside fridge instead of Soda ( Well those beer ain’t mine 😛 )

Grape is one of fruits I like. But it’s sweet, wouldn’t harm your diet? NO! It won’t!

Grapes are made of around 80 percent of water and fill you up

Sugar in Grape is Fructose ( someone who has fructose malabsorption should avoid grapes)

Grapes has low calories and no fat

Grapes has high fibers which slow your digestion of food and that means you will be full longer between meal. Water in grape helps fiber move through your system. So that’s why Grapes are good fruit for diet ( At least for me ^__^ )

Grapes has antioxidants, beta-carotene, resveratrol and flavonoids and some another. But to get benefit of what I’ve said, you need to keep grapes skin and chew its seeds. By the way, to get benefits of Resveratrol you may just drink your red wine 😉

Also there’s study says that, resveratrol can rev up your metabolism.


Resveratrol reduced the seasonal body-mass gain by concomitantly decreasing energy intake by 13% and increasing resting metabolic rate by 29%. Resveratrol supplementation inhibited the depth of daily torpor, an important energy-saving process in this primate. The daily amount of locomotor activity remained unchanged. Except for an increase in the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide, a gut hormone known to promote mobilization of fat stores, no major change in satiety hormone plasma levels was observed under resveratrol supplementation.

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