TRX Low Row with a FREE Trainer

I’m lucky girl! I got free training session because of friendship I’ve made 🙂

Today a trainer came over me and taught me about TRX training and being with me, motivate me, keep me focus, and being FREE TRAINER for 20 – 30 minutes.

He improved my movement on Crossing Side Lunge, Forward Lunge, Suspended Lunge, Deltoids TMY and Low Row. This session took only around 30 minutes and I was so sweaty and burnt ..yeah I love it! Actually I also work more on Abs and core, Tricep, Chest and littlee bit of cardio

Well, I’m gonna make spare time writing about TRX morein shortly. For today just go check it out “TRX Low Row”

I’m open for any discussion and will be glad to answer your question

Ps. This post is not sponsored post. I just love TRX and wanna share

Hope you love TRX like I do ❤ Just do it!


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