Drink coffee before your workout

The caffeine in a cup of coffee can boost your metabolism, increase your heart rate and energize you. But there are also another matters why we should drink coffee before workout.

Caffeine and Fat Burning

Caffeine help trigger your muscle use fat as energy resource instead of using sugar  from carbohydrates as found in the research of Australian Institute of Sport. However, this is not permanent effect and depends on person.

Caffeine enhance your workout performance

It has been found in the research that drinking coffee before workout increasing ability to draw extra energy and enhance an athlete’s performance during endurance workout.

Caffeine and Endurance

Caffeine is thought to help endurance athletes by reducing the muscles’ consumption of glycogen, the stored energy used up during exercise. There’s only a certain amount of glycogen available, and once it’s used up, muscle fatigue sets in. Caffeine is thought to delay the onset of muscle fatigue by helping your body use its own fat reserves as energy instead, reducing the glycogen burn rate. This is known as “glycogen sparing.” The longer your glycogen lasts, the longer your muscles can function. Caffeine consumed during a marathon has also been found to be an effective aid, helping to release pain-reducing endorphins as well as reducing mental fatigue. via

Caffeine and Power

The glycogen sparing effect appears during short term, intense aerobic exercises as well as in longer endurance activities. However, caffeine’s major benefit in the short term may lie in the reduction of lactic acid. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles as glycogen is depleted. It’s the source of the burning sensation you feel in your muscles during a workout. A 2009 study at the University of Illinois found that 300 milligrams of caffeine taken prior to a workout reduced the amount of burning felt by the subjects in the study. Caffeine also seems to affect the ratio of calcium and potassium ions in muscle cells, making it easier for muscle cells to contract and produce more power. via


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