First time training with my boyfriend – unhappy!

Hi 🙂 It has been a while that I didn’t update anything on my blog. I have been busy with my life. Many thing has changed within a week. I quite my job. I tried to work on my own. And my boyfriend came back to Thailand after he has been away for 3 months and half. 31st July was the end of waiting. I’m happy to see my boyfriend again so I can’t help writing about him.

We both have at least one of common passion. Which is we both enjoy working out and exercising. Well, this time he brought back a few kilos of fat ( life in Europe is not really healthy for him ) So we  are going to workout together all the time.

It has been more than 3 months that I started workout and continue doing it. And it has been more than 3 months that I workout alone. It’s not boring because I like to workout. But it’s kind of lonely and no motivation.

We went to the gym together in the second day after e reached. So the first day we went to gym together after long time, I was so excited that we can train together. Fist day and second day at the gym, we workout separately. But it’s really nice seeing my guy sweating around the gym. I asked him to join core&abs class. And we attended class together. Well, walk into the class together, suffering from muscle burn together, and hand in hand to motivate each other, these are so sweet to me. Exercise together, give some advices t each other, motivate each other ..hmmm sound so nice.

Some of you may already know that I’m so in love with TRX Suspension training. Which is  powerful total body exercise with black and yellow strap. I had a chance to introduce my guy to TRX, and we exercised together on TRX one day. I taught him Crossing side lung, Forward lunge, Suspended Lunge, Deltoids TMY, Lowrow, Tricep extension, Crunch+Pushup, Pendulum. We train together on my TRX workout for every exercises.

Actually he does weight training regularly and describe as a strong person. But when we back home, I heard him say,,argh, my butt is paining, argh! we did a lot of lunges. Argh!, my shoulders,’s sound funny. Yeah we did all exercises with body weight and it all works very well if we keep perfect form. And he also said, it was so nice workout babe. We should do it more often.

We trained together as a couple for 2 days so far. Everything seems nice. But…not so early!

Two days ago, he asked ” Do you want me to train you, babe?” Well of course I want to train with him and want him to train me. I don’t know anything about his training plan. I didn’t prepare anything for that. I expected the nice training together.

At the gym we started with weighted on Tanita machine to get our body composition to keep the record. He started with teaching me Lat Pull Down. Show me the form and train me. He let me rest 40 seconds between set. I was so active and tried to do something else while waiting. But he said ” Don’t!” Really? He stopped me!? I used to workout alone with all my freedom and now my boyfriend’s telling me to stop doing it? I felt bad a little bit but I have to sit still waiting for him finish his exercise.
After Lat Pull Down. I didn’t feel anything on my Lat because of less reps and low wight. I complaint a little bit about that I don’t feel it. But he came with “ Do you want me to train you? ” .. well I was being good girl and said nothing 😦

Next exercise was ” Over Head Press ” again he taught me the form and was there spotting me for 3 set. I complaint again that I need to do more reps or more weight because I don’t feel any muscle work. But as before he came with the reasons .. and believe me. Ok! I finished Over Head Press and was standing waiting for him to finish. I was looking for something else to do. And he stopped me again! ( What!!!?) Actually I don’t train so strictly like that. I don’t really focus on resting time. I rest until I feel alright and of course it’s less than 40 seconds. Every set I asked him, can we continue? And he answer with showing the time running and has like 20 seconds left to rest.

photo via

When I have to spend more time on resting and waiting for him is so bored for me. I can’t do anything else and that made me feel under control! And I start getting mad! And we couldn’t train any more because I was so mad!

Training together is good as long as you guys have similarly training style. A few day earlier when we trained together, I can do more reps, and enjoy workout more. But when I feel I’m under his control .. nah I don’t wanna workout anymore. It’s not that I don’t respect him, but I used to workout alone and enjoyed doing whatever I want.

We talked about this when we went back home and he’s also agreed that, he should understand my style too.  So we’re agreed that next time..he won’t count the resting time for me and train me harder!
So that’s my first time official training with boyfriend and it was not end well. But we will have next time soon 🙂


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