I moved!

Hey guys! Has been long time I haven’t write here.

But lately I updated my blog officially blog! tidaworkout.com but latest post it was not about workout. Anyway I think it could inspired some of you. Follow me there. Another posts is coming soon 🙂 plus I have progress to update. I didn’t write but never stop workout 😉


Keep in touch.

———– here is for your appetizing

It has been long time that I haven’t write anything here. Time passed with something happened, many thing changed in my life.

End of July 2012, I leave job permanently! I was a Software Tester. That was another one of my dream, to follow the career path and getting higher. I was working there happily. But as everybody else I always have at least one feeling against myself all the time.

Here is my thought at the moment. “What am I doing here?” After project’s done, I was just a part of project which worth a million and growing more. But what I you earn just a few hundred dollars. More than that no one remember me. Actually it’s the rule of nature, Smart people high someone who’s smarter than themselves. To make a million and paid just a few bucks.

But this is not enough to make me decided to risk my life and quite job.

I’ve met a twenty something girl, she’s smart, talented and great girl. She came to work as Software Tester on July 2011, she shown up with unfriendly’s eyes on her. The way she dressed up, the way she got introduced by manager, …………Continue read more here 


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