Weight loss update : March – November 2012

Hello, as I promise I will come back with the update. Here I am. Since middle of March until today almost end of November. I’ve been working out and keep diet. I was not serious all the time, of course we’re out of track sometimes. But I got the satisfied result anyway. And I feel really thankful for 2 persons. Who’s so importance and play a key role in this diet.

Firstly my boyfriend, who inspired me to do ‘some’ workout and I became addicted to the gym. My boyfriend happy when he see me lift heavily so why won’t I lift weight? That was so great start. And sometimes he’s being my nutritionist. I allowed to have ice-cream, candy or cake only on our ‘Caturday’ ( it’s our special Saturday. So he’s done a lot of help.

Secondly myself. In first 3 months, I can’t believe that I went to the gym that regularly. I enjoy the pain I got, I enjoy my sweat and stinky body. I love the feeling that I’m getting stronger. I put a lot of effort at first but later on I keep doing it as my daily life or my life style. When I lost my inspiration I think about this and it makes me proud. So I try to workout again.

Anyway, here’s the progress photos. It’s not a lot because I was 68 Kg and I diet without exercise until 65 Kg. And now I’m 58 Kg.

Read more at my official blog

Read more at my official blog


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