Swim and Belly dance show :)

Yesterday I workout at home again. It’s good to workout with your favorite songs and dance along sometimes. I love it. Anyway after many set of body squat, body weight lunges, many set of push up and abs workout. I continue with swimming. Oh yeah!! I love being in the water. To be honest I’m not good at swimming but being in cold water. Quiet and clam light blue color swimming pool. I really enjoy it. Well, I’ve never done one of 1000 awesome things like peeing in the pool. But I still enjoy the pool a lot. Anyway, I’m in Bangkok, Thailand. I can swim every season of the year. Even when it’s raining, if you’re not scare 😛

I took rest after swam for a while. I rest with a few set of push up and mountain climbing! Yeah that’s my resting LOL. I like the feeling when ‘I can’t do no more’ It’s great.

There were family beside the pool before I reached. They live in the same building with me. There was a girl who’s swim so good, a little child boy, a baby boy and two ladies. We didn’t really have a lot of conversation because they can’t speak English nor Thai. I guess they speak Arabic which I don’t know a word :/ But we all know, we’re friendly.

And finally they surprised me by belly dance. Haha One lady asked me to join her. Oh yeah belly dance in bikinis gonna be great 😛 But I don’t know belly dance at all. It’s look fun, and next time I probably join them. Because I love to dance a lot. By the way, I should learn how to  belly dance first haha. It’s gonna be fun. Who wouldn’t like?

So yesterday was not really hard workout, but fun! I really miss TRX now. I probably go to the gym today and kiss my TRX. ❤

All right I don’t have photos of the pool at night but morning. Take a look how calm is it.

Take a look at the photos in my officially blog. Please 🙂


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