Skipped festival and went to the gym, get good progress

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Yesterday is Loy Krathong’s Festival in Thaliland. This festival we will float ‘Krathong’ in the river. Thank you the river and water like its importance and needed in our lives. Some also believe that we can float our sorrow away. When I was young my mom cut my nails and hair put in ‘Krathong’ and take me to float in festival fair, we believe that ‘Krathong’ will take away sorrow, sadness and bad luck. But I most of the time prayed to get a lot of A in my study haha. When I growth up, I started to say thank you for water goodness and sorry if I ever destroy or wasted water anyhow. Also ask to take my sorrow away as well. For couples, this activities seem romantic. They will share ‘Krathong’ and float together and believe that they will be together as the one as ‘Krathong’ is. Or some may believe this ‘Krathong’ will bring them to the bright future. Whatever believe it’s good to believe in something. By the way I didn’t float ‘Krathong’ yesterday. But my sadness disappear by going to the gym!

While people preparing ‘Krathong’ to float, I was working. When people went to float ‘Krathong’ I went to the gym. It has been long time that I didn’t workout at the gym. At changing room, I was walking around choosing locker. And I got number 151. I don’t know why it’s small happiness haha. After that I weighted myself and smiles with the result J I lose weight and now I’m at 56.1 Kg. My weight goal is 55 Kg. and my fat goal is 20%. Right now I still have a lot of fat. But maybe this machine does not work well 😛

I didn’t do so many exercises yesterday. But I tried to do more set or more repetition for each exercises.

Read what I did yesterday in my official blog please click here


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